"Grow" your own computationally-designed planter using this generative plant growth simulator and 3D print it!
Potagotchi is a web-based generated plant simulator that gamifies caring for plants developed for Computational design and fabrication @UC Berkeley by arianna ninh and melissa su. This project was inspired by their favorite childhood toys Tamagotchi, as well as their love for nurturing houseplants. we used javascript, three.js, and constructive solid geometry js libraries.
How It Works
1. Select a "seed" (polygon of your choice)
2. The planter will generatively and organically grow over time.
3. You can control different environmental parameters that influence the way the planter grows. For example, you can periodically water the planter to encourage new growth, or you can change the location of the sun so that it grows towards a different direction. If you don't water it regularly, it will shrink slowly over time.
4. Once the user is satisfied with their planter design, they can export it as a 3D model, and then 3D print it!

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